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Photo Critiques

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:43 pm
by Richard Olpin
I'm often sent photos from clients looking for comments or constructive critique on their work, which of course I'm happy to provide in private via emails etc, but if you'd like some more general discussion on your work, feel free to post it here too. Remember, this is a private forum and we're all friends here so it's a great place to get some feedback from your peers.

As a general rule in the forums though it's considered polite to reserve critique unless it's asked for, so I thought perhaps we could have a simple guideline that if you'd like some constructive feedback on your work, you post a specific thread with a request for it, something like "Hokkaido Snow Monkeys [critique]" or when posting an image you add a comment like "Critique welcome".

This will hopefully mean that those of a more sensitive disposition can post away without fear of having their work ripped apart when they're not looking for that, but the more experienced among us can 'throw ourselves to the wolves' if we wish!